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Action: Erasmus + KA1 - Mobility of Youth workers |

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Throughout the EU, young people are the ones hit hardest by unemployment and precarious employment, while all EU and national elections in the last few years have revealed increasingly low youth turnout combined with growing Euroscepticism, as dramatically illustrated by the Brexit referendum. The complex situation of young people in transition to adulthood thus calls for trained and experienced European youth workers.


Driven by YES Forum’s member organisations, YES Academy addressed this issue by contributing to achieve a greater impact of the Erasmus+ Youth Inclusion and Diversity Strategy by:

  • Creating a more inclusive environment, with more and diverse young people participating in civic activities throughout Europe
  • Enabling organisations working with and for vulnerable young people to be a more effective force in making it easier for them to actively participate in society
  • Increasing the capacities of youth workers and their organizations in working with young people and fostering greater cooperation and synergies among youth organisations and other stakeholders throughout the EU


Over the span of 16 months, 115 participants from 15 EU countries took part in 4 main activities:

  • A Contact-Making Event in Stuttgart in September 2015
  • An International seminar held in Brussels in Dember 2015
  • A study visit in Finland in June 2016
  • A Contact-Making Event in Stuttgart in September 2016


Besides the learning experience provided to youth and social workers, the tangible results of the project include:

  • An action-oriented report that summarized the next steps in order to better promote youth active citizenship and participation through concrete project ideas
  • A Good Practices Guide for the Promotion of Active citizenship and Youth social inclusion
  • Policy recommendations on Erasmus+ presented to the EU institutions in our Policy Event in Brussels in November 2016

More information are available in the documents below.



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'European Youth Policy: A changing environment' - YES Forum event in Brussels

On 12-13 November 2015, the YES Forum organised a high-level event in Brussels for its members and partners, with the aim to tackle the issues faced by organisations working in the changing environment of the European youth field.

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YES-Forum Contact Making Event 2015 - Stuttgart

Summary - Contact Making Event 2015

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