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PROMISE - Youth inclusion and social engagement (2016-2019)

Action: H2020

Topic: The young as a driver of social change

Project coordinator: The University of Manchester (UK)


The challenges faced by young people across Europe have been the focus of public, political and academic debates at local, national and international levels. Young people face tough choices in key areas of social life that affect their participation in society, and their potential marginalisation from it: from structural issues of unemployment, lack of access to affordable housing and debt problems, to information overload on big questions like the environment, identity, faith and radicalisation, and negotiating the moral challenges of illegal markets and an increasingly sexualised social-media generation. While there are wide variations in opportunities and challenges between and within countries, young people today face tough choices in negotiating this moral maze.

The PROMISE project investigated how young people’s, often negative, responses to these problems create conflict, and how, instead, their responses can provide opportunities for positive social engagement. By addressing the experiences, values and attitudes of European youth seen to be in conflict with older generations, authorities and social norms PROMISE got to the heart of barriers and opportunities for social engagement.

Project Results

PROMISE has produced a comparative ethnography of young people in 10 European countries, a comparative quantitative analysis of attitudes, values and control, and policy papers and positive engagement strategies.

Here an overview of the project results the YES Forum was most involved in:

European Policy Brief

The European Policy Brief shows how policy makers at the European level can promote the social engagement of young people, especially those dealing with conflict and marginalisation by giving four key recommendations. Read on about the importance of recognising diverse life paths, creating safe spaces for young people and more in our European Policy Brief here and our special edition newsletter here. The four key recommendations were also made into an engaging video by YES Forum in cooperation with Framework. Check out the video here and our poster presenting the recommendations here.

Video Montage

Young people from the YES Forum secretariat and members worked together with the small media business Framework to produce a video montage from the data received from the partners presenting a cross-national picture of young people’s experiences. Videos and photos produced by the young people in each country yielding reflections on the substantive topics and the process from the young people’s point of view were compounded into one video, which you can find here.

Final Conference

Three years of intensive work with and about young people came to an end at the Final Conference held at the University of Manchester from 8-9th April 2019. PROMISE researchers, policy makers, practitioners and of course young people from all around Europe came together to present and discuss the findings under the title "Young People and Social Change: Action, Reaction and Inaction”. A full and ambitious programme of activities took place including discussions, creative performances and exhibitions. Find out more in the programme here and our special edition newsletter.

More detailed information about the project results can be found in the respective reports here.

The project ran from May 2016 to April 2019 and involved 12 collaborating centres in 10 different European countries. It was coordinated by a research team of the University of Manchester led by Dr. Jo Deakin (Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice | School of Law | University of Manchester | Manchester.

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H2020 PROMISE at the YES Forum 2018 Annual Event!

On 14-15 September, H2020 PROMISE was once again a prominent part of YES Forum's latest youth engagement event, with its 2018 Annual Event organised in Athens.

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H2020 PROMISE at the #EYE2018, the biggest youth event in Europe!

With its partner YES Forum, H2020 PROMISE joined thousands of young Europeans at the European Parliament in Strasbourg for the largest youth engagement opportunity this year in the European Union: the European Youth Event 2018!

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H2020 PROMISE - Work under progress!

From 28 February to 2 March, the YES Forum met all H2020 PROMISE partners in Portugal to hold a public conference in Cascais, and a Project Meeting in Porto.

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First results from H2020 PROMISE fieldwork

Partners in the H2020 research project PROMISE met in Zagreb on 28-29 September to discuss emerging themes from their ethnographic case studies.

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H2020 PROMISE - 1st EPN Meeting, 4th July, Brussels

On 4th July, the youth research project H2020 PROMISE held the first meeting of its European Policy Network in Brussels.

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H2020 PROMISE and "Our Life. Our Voice" visit Prague!

On 12-14 June, the YES Forum and the Manchester University participated in the Symposium organised by the EU-CoE Youth Partnership in Prague. Together, they promoted their projects and good practices in the youth field to over 100 delegates.

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H2020 PROMISE - 2nd Partners meeting

On 22-24 February, the YES Forum joined the European universities participating in the H2020 research project PROMISE for the 2nd project meeting in Rome.

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YES Forum 2019 Annual Event: PROMISE Final Conference and General Assembly

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H2020 PROMISE - 1st EPN Meeting, 4th July, Brussels

On 4th July, the youth research project H2020 PROMISE held the first meeting of its European Policy Network in Brussels.

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