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POWERst – emPOWERing first generation STudents (2021-2023)

Action: Erasmus+ KA203 - Strategic partnership for higher education |

Project coordinator: University of Stuttgart (USTUTT)

You can find more information on the project website:


To thrive in higher education remains a challenge for first-generation students coming from non-academic backgrounds. To address this issue, the POWERst project aims at fostering Social Inclusion by building a more Inclusive Higher Education System in Europe while at the same time Supporting University Staff. Universities should be seen as an attractive, accessible and safe place for young people from all backgrounds.


POWERst will consist of several partner meetings and trainings aimed at developing tools to help students successfully complete a higher education study program. Thus, underrepresented and first-generation students will benefit from the project on different aspects:

  • They will receive tailor-made support and be empowered to fully achieve their potential
  • They will take an active part in the project thanks to an inclusive and participatory approach. POWERst’s project team will involve students from conceptualization, design to implementation
  • They will act as ambassadors and represent their universities for the dissemination of the project results to increase its reach and maximize its impact in their universities and beyond