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Kinderstadt Goes Europe (2018-2020)

Action: Erasmus+ KA1 - Strategic Partnership for Youth

Project coordinator: St. Johannis gGmbH




'Children’s Town' is a pedagogical concept in a sort of Mini-city, which enables children and young people to experience complex relationships and processes of social life. It promotes in a playful and low-threshold way what active participation in democratic and civic life can mean. As participants and volunteers, the young people gain a lot of skills regarding social life, engagement, intercultural competences etc. 'Children’s Town' is planned, organized and implemented by professionals working with children and young people, together with local actors such as SMEs, banks, but also political decision-makers. The concept is always supported by volunteers.

The idea of this project is the transfer of the concept of a 'Children’s Town', which has been implemented in various German cities and enjoys a high acceptance at regional level, to other European countries. Starting point is the Children’s Town project ‘Bärenhausen’ (Bearville) that has been organised and implemented every year in the last decade by the foundation Stiftung Evangelische Jugendhilfe in cooperation with the St. Johannis gGmbH. During 2 transnational Blended Learning activities, this concept will be introduced and discussed so that the partners can develop their own concept.

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St. Johannis GmbH

St. Johannis GmbH