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Europe Mobility For All (2011-2013)

Action: 'Lifelong Learning Programme'


The Europe Mobility For All (EM4A) project ran between 2011 and 2013 with the aim to give young people with disabilities and/or at risk of exclusion the opportunity to expand their job-related experiences and to acquire professional skills in other EU countries.

Also it focused on how to get professionals working in the VET system (teachers, trainers etc.) and young people informed, motivated and accompanied in the context of transnational mobility.

In order to reach young people with fewer opportunities the project partners developed an information package for practitioners with young people and for young people themselves and their parents, to promote learning mobility.

Mobility fairs were organised bringing together target institutions such as schools, educational, and training institutions to boost mobility and to raise awareness over benefits, funding opportunities, and good practices.

The success of the project was underlined by a panel discussion at the project’s final conference, where two young Swedes informed the audience about their successful exchange in Italy, where they worked as chefs in a restaurant. Daniel (20) and Johannes (22) shared their experience, initial fears, and final enthusiasm about going abroad and described their stay as probably the best and most enjoyable way to gain work and life experience.


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