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Breaching Reservation and Improving Dialogue through Generational Exchange (BRIDGE) (2021-2023)

Action: Erasmus+ KA205 - Strategic Partnerships for Youth |

Project coordinator: IB



Since March 2021, YES Forum is involved in BRIDGE, an Erasmus+ funded project to strengthen intergenerational dialogue in youth work organizations.

You can find more information on the project website:

Generational Exchange

The Erasmus+ funded project BRIDGE (Breaching Reservation and Improving Dialogue through Generational Exchange) is about promoting intergenerational dialogue in International Youth and Youth Social Work among professionals. In concrete terms, this means promoting mutual positive influence and "learning from each other", identifying the strengths and potentials of young and experienced youth and social work professionals, using these strengths together and finally anchoring the learning outcomes structurally in the organization.

In international youth and youth social work, teams are often characterized by a heterogeneous composition with regard to the age of the professionals, among other things. On the one hand, this diversity is an important enrichment for the work, but on the other hand, it also brings challenges for the cooperation. Each generation brings its strengths and experience, which must be utilized, preserved, and dovetailed with one another. At the same time, it is important for many organizations that the knowledge of the baby boomer generation, which will soon be retiring, is also available to the following generations. Therefore, a successful intergenerational exchange is an important issue in order to (continue to) work successfully.



BRIDGE – Training our abilities to transfer and manage knowledge within our organisations

YES Forum presented the first results of the survey on intergenerational dialogue in the second BRIDGE training

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First Training Course of BRIDGE Project

On 3-5 November, the first Training Course of BRIDGE project was held in Bologna, Italy!

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