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Unemployment has been an ongoing concern and a challenge across Europe for the past years. Access to the job market is particularly hard for young people and, even more, for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, resulting in their exclusion from a huge part of social life.

Through the “The Employable Youth: It Works!” project, we develop a holistic approach towards the employment and training of socially excluded youth. We focus on training professionals working with youth and training young people excluded from the job market so that the latter may find quality internships and employment.

We are excited to share with you all the good work being done in the framework of this project!

Handbook & Toolbox for Professionals

Our first guide, “Handbook & Toolbox for Professionals”, can be used by professionals working with marginalized youth and NEETs. It focuses on tools for employability and soft skills, taking into account the needs that the partners have mapped out in their respective countries and good practices. The innovative element here is the collocation and creation of a toolbox accompanied by a handbook with easy to use guidelines for every professional, no matter their background, to provide better services to the target group.

You may find more details here.

Soft Skills for Employability

The second module on “Soft Skills for Employability” is designed for disadvantaged youngsters, and it aims to enhance their knowledge and opportunities and boost their employability. It addresses the lack of methodologies and modules targeting low skilled, out of education and away from formal education beneficiaries. This module can be easily adapted to different national contexts and target groups. It also serves as a basis for the preparation of the “Assisted Training Scheme”.  

This module is composed of three parts: About the ProjectMethodology and Learning Content.


Would you like to know more?

Currently, the project is in the process of preparing the pilot implementation of the “Assisted Training Scheme”. Each partner is looking for youngsters to join and companies to host them during the training.

You can find updates on the project’s progress in the news section of our website. For more detailed information about the project in general, go straight to the project’s website by clicking here.

Please also feel free to contact YES Forum if you have any questions!

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The Employable Youth: It Works! project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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