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YES Forum September News 2020

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We are back with the latest news and progresses concerning the YES Forum and our members. Over the past few months Covid-19 and the resulting constraints and restrictions have kept our work and that of our partners challenging. Especially due to the different and ever changing developments in each of the member countries a unified approach to planning requires a lot of communication and cooperation.

However, we were able to work our way around the current situation. Check out below to find out more about the progress made and how Covid-19 has changed the landscape in the various fields of youth work.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the YES Forum Secretariat.

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YES Forum Secretariat


Hybrid Meetings in Vienna

Some of our biggest achievements amidst the Coronavirus crisis have been the second Transnational Partner Meeting for Europe 3E and the YES Forum 2020 Project Planning Meeting, which were both held online via ZOOM as well as on site in Vienna. Thanks to the thorough preparation and hygiene concept of the colleagues from OEJAB, our delegation from the YES Forum was able to meet on site and face to face.  The remaining team in Stuttgart was able to take part thanks to the infrastructural help of BAG EJSA. During the TPM e-conference, which other members took part in simultaneously online, the challenges and implementation of the Europe: Exchange, Explore, Exhibit (E3E) were discussed.

The YES Forum 2020 Project Planning Meeting was held in the same hybrid fashion and included members as well as interested parties.  The participants were able to share their project ideas and exchange their opinions and suggestions.

Both hybrid events were immensly successsfull regarding the difficult situation we all face and showed that despite the challenges brought forward productive work can be done through the cooperation of many.

More information on the TPM can be found here and on the PPM here!

General Assembly

Like every year we are nearing YES Forum’s annual General Assembly, which will be organized from 20th October (13:45 to 17:00 CET) to 21st October (9:30 to 13:00 CET) and, for the first time, held entirely online in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

Nonetheless, we are expecting a lively discourse as the General Assembly is a very unique opportunity for members to contribute to YES Forum’s development. It is also a fantastic chance to exchange with members and newcomers to plan future cooperation, a step that is especially important during these times of enforced physical distance.

We are also very pleased to announce that we will be joined by Floor van Houdt, EU Commission’s Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, who will provide us with her input regarding policy developments in youth work.

Regarding participation, we encourage practitioners as well as young people to join us!
The detailed programme and further information including the registration and invitation will be sent in the upcoming days!



Join us to contribute to YES Forum’s continuous development!

#Erasmus Days 2020

The #Erasmus Days 2020 initiative by Erasmus+ is a great chance for all organisations affiliated with Erasmus to promote their work and especially projects. Via this initiative you are free to organize any kind of Event and if you have already been in the planning process take advantage of #Erasmus2020 to make a real impact in the media and on social media networks.

For more information and details on the registration visit here.

3rd European Youth Work Convention

The third European Youth Convention’s date has been finalized! The Event will be held online from the 7th to the 10th December of 2020. Due to health concerns and to ensure the safety of all participants the Convention is moved to virtual platforms.

The Convention is the central platform for discussing the latest developments in youth work practice and youth policy in Europe. Professionals and multipliers from youth work practice, youth policy and youth research will come together for the third time. This event will also give participants the chance to further work on the implementation of the European Youth Work Agenda!

The Youth Convention will be held in the same period as the German EU Council presidency and the Council of Europe presidency. Thus, the event will be hosted by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

The application deadline to join your country’s delegation closes the end of this month.

More Information can be found here.

Current research on the impact of Covid-19 and creative ways to combat the consequences

The research-based analysis of European youth programmes (Ray) has published the first findings of their study concerning the impact of the Corona pandemic on youth work in Europe. The overall tone of the study is alarming as “the pandemic has shaken youth work to the core”. The study reports that youth work is an essential part helping young people adapt to the new situation while also being extremely vulnerable by sudden changes in policy and budget.

More information on the study and its key findings can be found here.

To combat the strains the crisis has put on young people and organisations the European Commission has put out a call for strategic partnership: Creativity and Culture. The call will support projects in the fields of school education, youth and adult education. The aim is to develop skills and competences that encourage creativity and boost quality, innovation and recognition of youth work. The total amount of funds for the initiative will be at around 200 million Euros.

The application deadline is the 29th October 2020. Interested organisations should contact the Erasmus+ National Agency in their country.

For more information on the call click here.

Call for participants in international youth events

The youth department of the Council of Europe encourages NGOs in the field of youth work, relevant to the Council’s youth policy to apply for activities to be held in co-operation with the European Youth Centres in Budapest and Strasbourg.

The youth events will be held in cooperation with the youth centres for a duration from four to eight days. 
The deadline for the application is the 15th October 2020.

More Information on the call can be found here.

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