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YES Forum News | June 2022

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We are back with the latest news and progresses regarding YES Forum and our members.

It has been a busy time since the last newsletter. We celebrated our Annual Event on-site in Viareggio and it was as great as expected. Just before, the first training of the VOICE project took place in Italy, with inspiring Photovoice results. Also, we have launched the #rEUconnecting campaign, to raise awareness about the importance of European Cooperation, and we are running a baking contest to celebrate our network's 20th Anniversary. Last but not least, we are now on Instagram!

You can find more details about these news below.

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YES Forum Secretariat

Annual event: At last together!

After two years of online events the YES Forum's members gather together in Viareggio to celebrate the network's Annual Event and General Assembly.  The highlights were to reconnect, celebrate the network's 20th anniversary and think together for a more inclusive and participatory Europe.

It was a pleasure seeing members again on-site, exchanging ideas and projects and getting inspired to continue with our work.

Thank you to all participants for making these days so great!

Read more about the event.

VOICE - Learning photovoice by doing it!

On 23-25 May, students in youth & social work, as well as young social workers, met in Viareggio to learn about the participatory research method Photovoice. They were brought together by the VOICE partners, coming from Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Creative partners from the media sector also joined the event, to film the activities, which will lead to the creation of a video tutorial on Photovoice using lively and authentic video footage.

Read more about the training.

Survey: Covid-19 Impact on Youth Organisations and Looking Forward

The Covid pandemic had a great impact on youth and social work organisations. Our work with and for young people was directly affected by the restrictions as well as possible new opportunities. Now that we are getting back to normality, YES Forum wants to know how you managed during these two years. Also, we want to hear how you are re-starting your activities, projects and reconnecting with youngsters.

For this purpose, we have launched the survey: "Covid-19 Impact on Youth Organisations and Looking Forward". Its results will be transformed into a Covid impact report.

Please, fill out the short questionnaire on behalf of your organisation by 30 June 2022!

New campaign: #rEUconnecting

The pandemic has shown the importance of networks and cooperation to keep our activity going and ensure that no one is left behind. For the YES Forum, as a network driven by its members, this was always obvious: creating connections among countries is the only way to build a strong, inclusive, social Europe.

During our Annual Event we launched the #rEUconnecting campaign.Our aim is to raise awareness about the importance of networks and cooperation by sharing success stories and experiences. For that, we want to know what European cooperation means to you.

Share your thoughts and success stories with us using the hashtag #rEUconnecting or by email (!

Read more about the campaign.

YES Forum's 20th Anniversary baking contest

YES Forum turns 20, and we need a birthday cake! Gather your team, colleagues, young people and friends and participate in our baking contest!

Send us your creations by August 31st. In the first week of September, we will announce the four cakes qualified for the final voting. Between 8 - 9 September we will held a Member's Event in Stuttgart where participants will decide who the winner is. The baker or bakers will recieve a surprise box from the YES Forum.

Read more about the contest and how to participate.


We are on Instagram!

YES Forum is on Instagram too!

We have now a new channel for sharing our work and activities.

Take a look to our profile and follow us ( to keep updated!

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