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YES Forum News from our 2021 General Assembly

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We are back with the latest news and progresses regarding YES Forum and our members. On 22-23 of June, YES Forum held its 2021 General Assembly and Annual Event online. Good practices and recent activities were shared and discussed, as YES Forum always strives to be a platform of exchange for its members and partners all across Europe. The event was a success for the network and we look forward to meeting all our partners face-to-face at the YES Forum 20 years Anniversary event in June 2022 in Viareggio, Italy! We will be in touch with more information about the meeting in the coming months.

YES Forum General Assembly and Annual Event

During the different sessions offered to participants, were presented the new YES Forum Youth Empowerment Strategy as well as new European calls and programmes relevant to youth work. In addition the YES Forum members elected its new board of directors for 2021-2023!

The keynote speech given by Hannah Maes (Youth Outreach Unit of the European Parliament) followed by discussion and exchanges gave an insight into the organisation of the European Youth Event (EYE) and the continuous effort made by the European Parliament to organise inclusive and relevant events for young people from all backgrounds.

Please find the full report of the event HERE.

YES Forum 2021-2023 Board Elections

We are very pleased to announce that during our last General Assembly, the members of the YES Forum elected a new board.

A big welcome to Hannah Degerman (Pitea Kommun, Sweden), Sebastian Frank (ÖJAB, Austria), and Gwen Birza (Jongerenwerk Barkema de Haan, Netherlands) who will now compose the board with Lilika Trikalinou (IEKEP, Greece) and Alexander Hauser (BAG KJS, Germany). Thank you very much for your interest and commitment to continue to make the YES Forum a network working FOR and WITH young people.

Thank you also to Ronald De Haan, Mirco Trielli and Maria Peterson for your hard work and support in the last years!

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