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Just days to go now before the elections of the European Parliament begin! As a European network, we are dependent on the EU and its work in shaping youth policies and the conditions of youth work across Europe. Most importantly though, the EU shapes the lives of the young people we are passionate about - and our own lives, too!

Read on to find out all you need to know before the elections... and cast your vote between 23-26 May!

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Bring on election mood...

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Focus: European Elections

· Why vote at all? read more »

· How does it all work? read more »

· Which political party should I vote for? - I read more »

· Which political party should I vote for? - II read more »

Bring on election mood...

Friends will be friends

European politics seems quite dry to you? Need to get in the mood? Feel more like music than reading facts? Then this video by Vote4Friendship is for you.

They write: "Don’t just sing along. If you agree that we are best when united in all our diversity; if you agree that hate and separation are not answers but threats; if you agree that Europe at its core is about friendship: Spread the word and share our video message. And most importantly: VOTE in this EU election because Europe needs US! " - we agree!


Sometimes we just need a bit of scrolling on our smartphones to get in the mood... Why not try the hashtag #thistimeimvoting? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook... Find out how people all around Europe are preparing for the elections... And perhaps share your own post #thistimeimvoting?

PS. Check out the equivalent in your language too. Find out what it is on the website here.

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Focus: European Elections

Why vote at all?

The EU can seem complicated. And really far away. Especially if you are living in Northern Sweden, coastal Greece or rural Latvia. The EU doesn't effect me... or does it?

The website What the EU does for me impressively shows that the EU does effect all of us (available in many languages!). Love online shopping? Sports? Video gaming? Are you a single mom? Left school early? Youth worker? Find out how the EU affects you.

Information is also available by region or specific topics of focus such as environmental protection and social security. Have fun discovering this very insightful website!

How does it all work?

So there's the EU. And the European Parliament. And the Commission. And I'm voting... for what exactly?

Let's get some basic questions sorted.

What is the EU?

How does the EU decide things?

What are political groups?

What do MEPs do for me?

How do I vote? (choose your language for information on your country)

A video explaining it all can be found here. So now we know more, let's go on...


Which political party should I vote for? - I

We are great fans of gamefication at the YES Forum, therefore we <3 this tool by VoteWatch Europe!

Position yourself on topics concerning the EU to find out which politicians, national parties and EU political groups share your views. The great thing is: Before you decide, you can read the pros and cons listed - and even follow the links provided if you need more information! On top of that, you can find out how individual MEPs voted (check out how your local MEP voted on the topics that matter to you!) and what organisations such as SOLIDAR or Forum français de la jeunesse (FFJ) say!

Get started here:

Which political party should I vote for? - II

Need some more inspiration on who to vote for? Feel the need to actually experience the people you will vote for but Brussels is a bit far?

Find out about events near you here to get more information, find out how the European Parliament works and maybe even get the chance to meet Members of the European Parliament near you!

No events near you? How about watching the debate of the candidates to the presidency of the European Commission? Watch it here to experience the candidates and find out what they propose for the future of the EU:

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