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The full results of the PROMISE (Promoting Youth Involvement and Social Engagement) youth research project are now available online!

PROMISE explores young people’s role in shaping society by focusing on the different ways they engage with social, environmental and political issues, and how they present opportunities for positive social change across Europe.

Would you like to know more about...

... how youth-led initiatives can be a space for young people to grow, and can be an important bridge to formal involvement? Check out Slovakia's Case Study on the NIOT movement here and learn more about young people's initiatives in the other PROMISE Case Studies here.

... the fact that the higher a young person’s trust in other people, the more likely he or she will be socially engaged – irrespective of the family background and socio-economic resources? Check out PROMISE's quantitative "Report on Value Gaps: Investigating links between youth participation and values, living conditions, and conflict".

... how young mothers in Finland juggle multiple responsibilities and thereby challenge our perceptions of young people's life paths as being linear? Find out more here and learn more about young people's diverse life paths in PROMISE's Ethnographic Case Studies.

Further information on the PROMISE project can be found on the project's website here.


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