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Since the outbreak of the Covid19-pandemic our lives and the way we perceive social interactions have changed drastically. The global health emergency situation has escalated so quickly that we had to reinvent in the same pace our forms of working and living. Many European countries have adopted lockdown measures, only allowing the population to go out for strict needs. Our homes have then become, in the same time, our place of work and leisure. We are resignifying not only rooms in a house, but also human relations, as staying apart is the most powerful way of being present and caring. And these changes will last...

However, regrettably we live in a world where not everyone has the same possibilities of quarantining in a home, in a safe environment. This is the moment where we, the privileged ones, need to work even harder to support those in the most vulnerable situation. During this time, YES Forum is adapting the activities to the situation. 

Unfortunately due to the further developments in Italy we had to postpone our Annual Event, and thus the General Assembly. The YES Forum Secretariat, along with our Board of Directors, will soon send YES Forum members a special letter providing more specific and updated details on the situation of all the projects.

Our ongoing projects will continue! Some of our partner meetings have changed to an online version, as far as to not compromise with the deadlines set. You can find more information about our projects here.

Together we will overcome this!

Best wishes and stay safe,


The YES Forum Secretariat

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