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PROMISE Case Studies – Available Online!

The PROMISE project, led by the University of Manchester published 22 ethnographic case studies carried out in 10 partner countries.

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The H2020 PROMISE research project has been using a variety of social research methods including 22 ethnographic case studies and a quantitative analysis of data from secondary sources such as the European Social Survey to find out about the ways in which young people in ‘conflict’ with society nevertheless engage with society and get involved.

The 22 ethnographic case studies carried out in 10 partner countries focus on a diverse range of youth that experience marginalisation and stigmatisation and therefore are in some way in conflict with society. These include gender activists in Portugal, young ex-offenders in Estonia and radical left youth in Germany and many more! Find out how young people around Europe facing stigmatisation and marginalisation engage with society by reading the case studies here.  

The results of the case studies are the basis for policy recommendations at national and European level which will be distributed to stakeholders in fields as diverse as politics, youth work, policing, administration and many more to ensure that these can better recognise and encourage all young people’s participation in society. We are currently working on these recommendations; they will be available soon on the project’s website. We’ll keep you posted!
More details on the H2020 PROMISE research project can be found on the dedicated PROMISE website and on Twitter@H2020Promise