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Kinderstadt Goes Europe - 2nd TPM in Oradea, Romania!

Project partners from Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and of course Romania came together to discuss their progress and exchange ideas for the implementation of their very own "Kinderstadt" projects during the 2nd TPM in Oradea.

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Over the course of 21 months, the Kinderstadt Goes Europe project trains youth organizations from several European countries in order to prepare them to create, design, and later on implement, their very own Kinderstadt. 'Children’s Town' is a pedagogical concept in a sort of Mini-city, which enables children and young people to experience complex relationships and processes of social life.
It promotes in a playful and low-threshold way what active participation in democratic and civic life can mean.

As participants and volunteers, the young people gain a lot of skills regarding social life, active citizenship, intercultural competences etc. 'Children’s Town' is planned, organized and implemented by professionals working with children and young people, together with local actors such as SMEs, banks, but also political decision-makers. The concept is always supported by volunteers.

At the second TPM, project partners were able to exchange their progress and presented exiting ideas of how they will implement the Kinderstadt concept in their specific contexts! Hosting partner Ruhama Foundation will be the first to kick-off their own Kinderstadt with a concept adapted to cater for the needs of 3-6 year olds. We are excited to hear how it goes!

For more information on the Kinderstadt Goes Europe project, click here or go straight to the project's website by clicking here.