YES Forum


#rEUconnecting to cooperate for an inclusive and participatory Europe

We want to raise awareness about the importance of networks and cooperation by sharing success stories and experiences

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COVID turned our lives upside down. It forced us to keep distance, restrict our social life, isolate ourselves. All this highlighted how essential strong links are. The pandemic has shown the importance of networks and cooperation to keep our activity going and ensure that no one is left behind.

For the YES Forum, as a network driven by its members, this was always obvious: creating connections among countries is the only way to build a strong, inclusive, social Europe.

Now, we want to know what European cooperation means to you. As youth or social work organisations. As professionals. As young people.

How to participate:

  • Sharing a success story. International cooperation can be implemented in very different ways, and it brings multiple benefits to the involved parties. We want to know more about these experiences and their positive impacts! And not only that, we want to share them with all of you! Send us details about your success stories and we will share them within our network and social media. It can be a video, an article, pictures, testimonies... Let's inspire each other!
  • Letting us know what European cooperation means to you. The concept of European cooperation covers a wide range of topics, and we are pretty sure that it has different meanings for each of us. We want to explore all these diverse perceptions to show in how many ways European cooperation can be meaningful. Share with us a short video (no longer than a minute) explaining what this concept means to you!

You can share your thoughts and success stories with us using the hashtag #rEUconnecting or by email (!