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POWERst: emPOWERing first generation STudents

New project “POWERst - emPOWERing first generation STudents“ in collaboration with the University of Stuttgart was launched in January with an online kick-off meeting!

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Led by the University of Stuttgart (Germany), the new project POWERst was launched in January with an online kick-off meeting.

With the support of YES Forum, this exciting project will aim at helping students successfully complete a higher education study program, with a focus on first generation students, who are the first in their family to attend higher education studies. Throughout and beyond the project, they will receive tailor-made support and be empowered to fully achieve their potential.

In this project, YES Forum will collaborate with German, Dutch and French universities to build a more inclusive higher education system. Held on the 21st of January, the kick-off meeting was a great opportunity for the different partners to get to know each other and plan the first steps of the projects!

For more information on this project, please click here.