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New projects, new partners… and finally on-site!

The READY and U.Pin projects start with two face-to-face meetings

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  • READY partners in Stuttgart
  • UPin partners in Vienna


The YES Forum is now involved in two new, exciting projects that aim to bring the EU closer to young people. At the end of April we welcomed our partners in Stuttgart to launch the READY project. A few days later, ÖJAB hosted us in Vienna to have the kick-off of the U.Pin project.

Making Europe understandable

Our experience working with young people has shown that European provisions are written in a difficult language, that does not ensure everyone understands them. This makes it hard to be aware of the importance the EU has in the daily life of young people.

In the next months we will work in the Raising EU Awareness through accessible Documents for Youth (READY) project, to make sure that the European Union’s treaties are better understandable for younger generations.

IEKEP, Zefiro, Pistes Solidaires, Forum for Freedom in Education and Famework are our partners in this journey. With them we will translate the legal documents into an easy-to-read language and infographics to make them more accessible.

During the first meeting held in Stuttgart, we got to know each other, had a better overview of the project and started to select the provisions and content we will be working on.

Translating the EU Green Deal

Young people have made clear their concerns about climate change and they have an active role on this matter. Therefore, they should know more about the measures taken by the EU to preserve the environment: the European Green Deal.

Together with ÖJAB, CEIPES and CSR-Innovative Solutions we will work on the EU Green Deal pops up in future generations newsfeed (U.Pin) project to present the EU Green Deal in an attractive and understandable way for young people. We want to raise awareness on climate change among young people, inform about solutions on different levels and empower them to become active agents of change.