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VOICE - Mission accomplished

The second training on the Photovoice method was held in Vienna between the 4th and 6th of July

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The VOICE project's partners continue to promote the use of the Photovoice research method. This time, they carried out a second training for young social and youth workers and students in Vienna. Between the 4th and 6th of July, two new groups were trained in this participatory research method and discovered its possible uses to promote social inclusion, engagement and active citizenship.

As in Italy, young people from all over Europe got familiar with the research method based on photography by carrying out a Photovoice exercise. This time, their work was focused on the question "How would you describe the life of a young person in Europe to an alien?". Later, they started brainstorming about possible applications of the method in their local contexts. After the training, participants will develop local activities using the Photovoice method.

Their work in Vienna was already a success: the manager of the student hotel where the Trainings were organised spontaneously asked to keep the Photovoice Exhibit, showcasing the participants' own results to promote the method as well as their messages, and even to pass it to other students hotels in the city! 

Next steps

In the coming months, the Photovoice results from both trainings in Italy and Austria will be turned into an exhibition to show their reflections on current affairs in Europe. The project's creative partners will produce a video tutorial about how to implement this method, which will be completed with a manual focused on the applications of Photovoice in the youth and social work fields.