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YES Forum Members Networking Event

On 8th April, YES Forum organised its members networking event! A great opportunity for the members to network, connect and share experiences.

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On 8th April, YES Forum member representatives met online for a Networking Event. Indeed, since the COVID-19 outbreak, the networking and social part of European projects and different events has decreased, although the shared experience and social interaction are key to being part in a European network like YES Forum. Particularly in the context of an increased isolation of people, we want to give members a voice and strengthen the links with YES Forum.

The meeting was the opportunity for the YES Forum Secretariat and Board to present and discuss the draft for the renewed YES Forum Strategy, aiming at staying closer to young people and young practitioners┬┤ needs.

Two of YES Forum members, Zefiro (IT) and Jongerenwerk Barkema de Haan (NL) shared about their work with young people in times of corona, followed by smaller groups discussions to share positive practices. You can find a presentation video from Zefiro here:

We look forward to our next Networking Meeting, to discuss positive perspectives and new common projects!