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YES Forum is open to all organisations and individuals committed to improve the life chances of vulnerable young people and to foster their inclusion in society.

Join the Network - Membership benefits for organisations

The strength of the YES Forum lies in its member and associated organisations, who in return benefit from the services we provide to our network.

The YES Forum is open to any organisation working with and for young people who face disadvantages stemming from their socio-economic background, educational difficulties, discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity, and/or geographical seclusion.

For more details about what we can offer to our members or to apply for membership, please check this webpage.

Become a team member - Learning opportunities at the YES Forum

The YES Forum is commited to creating new and better opportunities for young people not only through its network and activities, but also by providing learning opportunities in its own offices.

The YES Forum is therefore always happy to involve motivated young people in its work, for instance through an internship or a European Voluntary Service in Stuttgart.

If you are interested, you can check current opportunities here.