YES Forum


What we do

The YES Forum creates room for discusion and consultations. We strongly encourage the involvement of our members in transnational cooperation which engage both young people and practitioners.

Our aim is to:

  • Improve future prospects of vulnerable young people regarding education, training and employment.
  • Strenghten professional, context specific approaches in youth work across Europe.
  • Boost participation of marginalised young people in democratic decision-making processes.
  • Increase the political and social recognition of youth issues on the political agenda.

To reach these goals the YES Forum organises training, seminars and conferences that connect its members with experts and key decision-makers. It provides space for exchange of good practises and critical thinking concerning European youth work and policies; social inclusion and participation of young people with vulnerable background; formal and non formal education and sustainable development of skills and competencies.

All members have access to the shared expertise of the YES Forum, as well as to opportunities for building partnerships for European projects concerning informal and non-formal education, active citizenship, entreprenuership, intercultural exchange, and policy research & development.